Learning Biothings

A bioinformatic journey


When organizing events, I had to fill many gaps. I started doing logos for small events, then posters, then presentations, then webpages, then layouting books, etc. Right now, I am also trying drawing myself, something that I had not done since I was a kid.

I have a lot of fun with everything design-related; playing with different fonts, with the colors, etc. For digital designs, I follow Google’s Material Design Guidelines. I like not only its minimalism, but the piggybacking and clarity you have to employ.

Please take into account that most of these files are amateurish and from 2012-2015. Nowadays, I can improve them a lot 🙂

Congress book

In 2015, I was asked with less than a week in advance to design and layout the Biotech Annual Congress book. And… I did it! 😛